About us

Agencja Artystyczna Róża Stańco - we are one of the most well known agencies in Poland. Many of the widely experienced, professional and very well-liked actors are associated with us. Please feel invited to work with us.

  • Anna Radwan in the film "Kamerdyner" directed by Filip Bajon

    • Darren Bransford w serialu "Elizabeth I"
      • Wojciech Malajkat in the film "Letters to St. Nicholas"

        • Maurycy Popiel in the film "City 44" by Jan Komasa

          • Monika Dryl in the film "Sługi boże"

            • Aleksandra Konieczna in the film "The Last Family"


              • Marta Nieradkiewicz in the film "United States of Love" directed by Tomasz Wasilewski

                • Zbigniew Stryj in the film "Jack Strong"

                  • Bartosz Gelner in the tv "Krew z krwi" Canal+

                    • Anna Radwan in the tv series "Pakt" HBO

                      • Patryk Pniewski in the tv "Belfer" Canal+


                        • Piotr Nerlewski in the tv series "Za marzenia"


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